Ron and Peggy's little place

for cooking!

I'm Peggy! I enjoy cooking for my 3 HEALTHY anti vax kids and my husband. I have past expiriences in porn acting, hitchhiking, and balloon blowing. I have dyslexia so I mix up words like b and d and m and w.

I'm Ron. I'm a cigarette smoking motherfucker. Almost died in an abortion while on a flight into the twin towers! If they succeeded it would have been a definite epic victory! I mean no harm to Ron Elliott. Ron if you're seeing this i'm a huge fan of the beau brummels ay.

This is Emma, our oldest child. She really wants to be a school shooter. She's aware Nigeria isn't a real place.

This is Cody. Cody's mute ever since Ron put tape on his mouth to make him quiet while he was crying. Has never cried since!

This is Dylann. He wants to be just like his father, Ron, when he grows up!